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Why use Chargetree

When smartphones start dying, people get weird and distracted. They will head home instantly, steal cables from coworkers, even demand chargers at random places of business. Never let your customers leave or be distracted again.

What is ChargeTree?

We are a network of portable battery rental kiosks conveniently located at neighborhood businesses. Your customers can take our chargers and go!

We complement any business.



Hotels & Casinos

Healthcare Facilities

Train Station

Special Events

Why, ChargeTree?

Free Kisosk

The kiosk is Free to you!

Bonus Income

We make sure it stays connected!

We Maintain

We make sure it stays connected!

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are never without the ability to charge on-the-go!

What people are saying?

ChargeTree has been a great addition to our coffee shop when we are busy, and we can satisfy all of our customers charging needs! – Andy, San Francisco, CA

I’m so glad we have a ChargeTree it been such a convenience to our customers allow them to dine and unwind while their phones ChargeUp right at the table. – Catt, Boston, MA

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